Happy Happy Happy

That is what my mom said to me this morning  Happy Happy Happy hmmmmmm

But, MOM  I am happy already every morning when I wake up I wag my tail  hmmmmm I guess tonight I get to stay up later too !!  OOOO Doodles  Yea  MOM says it is HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE    Yipppppeeeeeeee !!

New Years Eve  New Years EVe tonight is New Years EVE  Hmmmmmm !!  Do I get presents Again????  We will wait and see,

Yesterday MOm and I went to Petsmart my favorite store and some man stopped us and asked about ME   can you belive that ME    ME ME  oh doodles but then , he laughed and said something about burrs on my legs in the summer time  AH EM   AH HEM  My mom says that I have a different cut in the summer time so no worries, but can you believe that his person never heard of a GOLDENDOODLE  come on he must of been from Mars

ooooo doodles that was way funny, but MOM got me some things and one was a bone filled with peanut butter ymmmmmmmy oh yea  Ooops my spelling is not good today so cold, but any way  I loved the bone so much Mom had to take it away for awhile she was afraid I was going to get a tummy ache.

But then mom leaves again  and this time she didn’t even say Let’s go Will  nothing Hmmmm but no doodle worries I went right to the door  but I could not go whinnnnn whinnnnnnnnnn,

And no WALK either yesterday  too cold for my MOM to be outside really????? I know mom has a very warm coat she could of used  but NOOOOooooOOO   Just NOT FAIR I say    So what I did last night   there are two empty boxes under the tree  yea EMPTY !

So I started to chew on the box  ha ha HA  well I have to get my last naughtiness in before the end of the YEAR   ! !  ! !  And today MOM says it is COLD out again  Darn

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  so we will see what happens but if MOm says let’s GO I am there

Have a Happy New Years EVE

Love ya Willy Babe

Happy New Years EVE

Happy New Years EVE


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