Merry Merry Christmas EVE

OH MY OH MY  Tonight is the NIGHT When all through the HOuse NOT  a Doodle Will be stirring not even DAISY BIRD.(yea  we have a little bird still )

I will be snuggled on the coach in the hopes that SANTA Doodle will be coming to my house.

My Mom and DAD will say good night Willy BABE and give me a HUG in the HOPES that I sleep through the night  REAlly MOM???? SANTA Doodle is coming to TOWN

How in the Doodles can I sleep????  So I will be nestled in my corner and waiting and WAITING OH WAIT   Bob and JACK will be HOME hmmmmm I hope they will stay up late with me because I really am a Doodle CHICKEN !  nah  JUST KIDDING

Hmmmmm What if  WHAT IF SAnta Doodle doesn’t come??????  Mom says don’t worry he will Whooosh that is good because well, you know I haven’t furry pawed anyone but  sometimes …..

So anyway  I sure hope that all my Buddies have a wonderful night ! ! !  OOOO mom wants me to wear my Frosty THE SNOWMAN outfit  oooo Doodles that will be fun !

On the First Day of Christmas MY MOM Gave to ME A  VERY HUGE BONE<  On the2nd day of Christmas my Mom gave to me  2 Delicious Treats and a Very HUGE BONE<  On the 3rd DAy of Christmas  MY MOM GAVE to ME  a  3 mile walk,  2 Delicious Treats and  A VERY HUGE BONE<  on the 4th day of Christmas My MOM gave to me 4 head scratches, a 3 mile walk, 2 delieicous Treats and  A VERY HUG E BONE


4 head scratches, a 3 mile walk 2 deleicious Treats and a VERY HUGE BONE>

On the 6th Day of Christmas Mom gave to me  6 Belly Rubs

555555555 Doodle HUGS    4 Head Scratches  a 3 mile walk   2 delicious Treats and  A VERY HUGE BONE

whoooosh that is alot

On the 7th day of Christmas my MOM gave to me  7 snuggles, 6 belly rubs    55555555555555 DOODLE HUGS, 4 head scratches a  3 mile walk   2 delicious Trets and A VERY HUGE BONE

On the 8th day of Christmas MY MOM GAVE TO ME   8 Pictures hee heee   7 SNuggles  6 belly rubs   555555555555555555 Doodle HUGS, 4 head Scratches a 3 mile walk  2  delicious Treats and a  VERY HUGE BONE

Whooosh that is a  lot     I think My mom is done giving me stuff but tomorrow is another Day


Willy BABE


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