It Worked


See I have been pretty rambcous lately becuase  well I had been busy playing with my cousin Maisy just having fun FUN FUN oh Us Pups just want a have FUN YEA  Us Pups Just like to have fun , LIke EAting our ears or getting nuzzled in my neck by Maisy  OH YEA  WE PUPS just like to have FUN YEWA

So Mom knew I was getting ummm lets say into things so Last night YEP she took me for a walk  but, we waited until after it was done snowing  just a little and I tried  TRIED to go fast esecially when a NEW  PUP was walking up our street COME  ON  MOM  ComE ON

well, she had to go back into get something   the “BAG” she forgot  oh gheez a doodles , but  . . .  My MOM is a responsible MOM !  I didn’t get caught up to that pup but  do YOU KNOW that It is a different smell we smell when we walk in the snow YEP it is  Just wanted to let you  all know.

So any way MOM had a couple of  OOOPS  then I turned MOM???? Okay Wilson  I am okay so we walked tried to pick up speed OOOOPS again MOM  MOM MOM be careful so she was after that , But the snow was so pretty last night  I loved it we didn’t go as far as we normally do because we strted out little bit later and MOM’s fingers were getting a little cold   hmmmmmmm Chirstmas GIFT    warm Gloves

OOO the weather outside is beautiful but I would rather just lay around so come on down come on down ooo Please Come on down from the trees little squirrels so I can see ya !

Have and AWESOME Wednesday !!  ! !!

Love ya Willy BABE

It's that time of YEAR

It’s that time of YEAR


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