Well oh Well OH WELL

Mom is wondering why oh WHY am I woofing  Woofing so much lately < MOM really ???

I was just telling all my pups about my weekend and I want to see them all tonight  thats all ! ! !

Gee doodle whiskers  A doodle just can’t catch a break  everytime I started to Woof Woooof MOM stops me  MOM  COME ON you talk to your friends I can do the same, Like this morning around 4:30  I woofed jWooooofed  WEll it was that Kitty Cat coming for a visit ! I think it was cold.

Do you know that when I am with Maisy I am the perfect Doodliest  Doodle Yea I always let her come in first ! She wants a toy I let her play with it   Just like the tug of war toy we were playing with she didn’t have a grip on the toy so I waited for her  and Waited  Heee Heeee she is funnny that Maisy Girl !

Hmmmmm  I think I would Like  a bone ,

OOOO Mom bought me a Frosty the Snowman outfit  But. . . . .  the picture she took came out b ut . . . with that new computer Dad got we had a hard time uploading pictures gheeeeez so I will just have to wait until tonight so Dad can help me out !

But Mom says I am a little doodlerumbicious so I have to walk tonight  I don’t have to  I just think MOM likes being outside and walking with me   I like taht too


Sooooon better behave because Santa Doodle is Coming To  TOWN ! !

Love ya Willy BAB E

I wonder  hmmmmm

I wonder hmmmmm


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