Goooood Wednesday MORNING ! !

Oh Yea  OH YEA  it’s WEDNESDAY  OOOOO Doodles Doodles it is TIME to CELEBRATE the wonderful day of WEDNESDAY !! ! ! !

OH boy OH BOY  have I had fun the last two days  or actually nights on Tuesday NIGHT MY MOM PUT ON MORE LIGHTS on our tree in the back yard it was snowing the wind was blowing oh what a NIGHT Just like  last year oh what a NIGHT  ME and mY MOM in the backyard  OH YES !

Mocha was trying her latteral leap looking over the fence to see what we were doing and she was telling me she wanted to come over I asked MOM but she only said  maybe later well . . . . OKAY  I told MOCHA that she just whinnned and whinned but that was okay

ME SUPER DOODLE Wilson made her happy I zoomed and zoooommmmmed around the backyard and she just watched me in that little hole between the fences OH DOODLES OH what fun it is to ZOOOMMM all around the yard  HEY!

But last night MOM was LIKE you know Wilson  LET US call the kids over, Well  NOW YOUR Talking MOM   I could of done it earlier  but I like surprises !

So my PEEPE PUPS came over  Maisy ran over  and Bell OH EYA  OOoops  My Miss Maisy was missing her hiding bush that we use to have in the back yard  OH DOODLES  !! I think she will find a new place    Then Miss MOcha was jumping straight up to see what was happening in my yard   so MY MOM DID A very SNEAKY trick she opened up the gate and WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALA  IN comes a running Mocha  Heeee HEEEEEE  What a fun time

We didn’t do much running but we sure did have fun just being with one another  @! ! ! ! !  !

Have a great day today  I know I am a very happy Doodle

OH YES  I didn’t FLUFFY PAW  last night  Seee I can be good when I want too

Love ya Willy Babe

Mom says I need new pictures   LOL LOL  Silly MOM

Mom says I need new pictures LOL LOL Silly MOM


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