OOO HHHHHH It’s Monday  MONDAY Horrayyy for this day !

I just love a Monday morning  Monday MORNING  MONDAY MORNING  ! !

Come on Come On you gotta be happy  HAPPY because IT IS MONDAY and MOM only really has a couple of days of work this week OOOO LA  LA

Yesterday was wayyy to much doodly fun for this DOODLE  Yep  Mom and DAD finished putting together some lights  and while DAD was doing the work MOM and I of course we were playing SOCCER   SOCCER  Yep trying to keep in shape for WINTER SOCCER YOU KNOW  ,  In fact MOM says we have to put the ball on the deck because we are suppose to get some SNOW

Ewwww I am not too doodle crazy about he SNOW work but what the doodles  I get to play and ROMP and get all kinds of SNOW ball in my fur !

You know I really REALLY do like the SNOW

Let it SNow  LET IT SNOW   LET IT SNOW!!    Oooops

Someone Quick wake me UP  UP UP   WaKE ME  WAKE ME come on WAKE ME UP
I really can’t believe I said that   ! !  dWhoooosh it has to be a dream PLEASE ! ! !  !

I hope so because  we have a little more to do on the outside  ooooo OOOOO Please  Please MR> Snowflakes  stay away  so all the doodles and pups can still play ! OOO Mr. Snowflakes  I know you mean well but to get 5-7 inches doesn’t thrill me at all.   OOOO I know my friends in Buffalo NY had more  and I sure hope they are doing OK  Still.

Gotta get going   Hey Have a fantastic  DOODLE  NO SNOW DAY PLEASE
Love ya

Willy BABE





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