Well oh Well   Hmmmmmmmmm

I have to do something  I really Do  ! ! ! !   MY MOM DIDN”T WALK ME LAST NIGHT  !
ooooo Doodles yes I am not that happy about that but I really do understand  !


So last night when dad came home YEA ANd this is the Third night in the ROW DAD fed me and NOT MY MOM ! !

HUYMMMMPH  HUMMMMPH  I don’t like this conference week !!  I don’t see my MOM  whinnnn Whinnnnnn WHINNNNNN !

So I really thought MOM was HOME  Dad fed me I went outside HMMMM I hear a car  I came in Waiting  waiting  nope  HMmmmm outside I go again because whenever I am outside MOM comes HOME  OHHHH YEA    another car quickly Dad lets me I go to the window  HUMMMMMPH  no MOM  again  well this is getting rather doodly ridiclous again!

FINALLY MOM  oh YEA  MOM  MOM MOM  I just could not get enough hugs from her and I went into so many circles that I almost got dizzy  that would be DOODLY DIZZZY  but that is okay because MOM got dressed up and Played with me in the back yard  oh doodles it was cold but MOM was a good DOODLE MOM and played with JUST ME !

I hope tonight we will do something agian tonight  so I better make sure I am all rested up again for my MOM !

Have a great Thursday

Love ya  Willy BABE




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