OH Gheezzz what can I do????

I just have to get MY MOM to give me a walk  Yea we haven’t walked in TWO DAYS  yea can you believe it  something about the colllllldddddddddddd.

Well I guess she is right because the other day   I woofed  Wooofed  WOOFED  until my mom got me inside, Yea  I was cold  but I think tonight she said  and she SMILED that walk SMILE

Soooooo Yipppeeee Doodley DOOOO we will walk today  I know we will because MY MOM Likes to walk in the COLD  oh Yes she does  ! ! !

But you know what  I just might have to get into a little doodle mischevious first  Mmmmmmmm   I think what I will do is go into my human sisters room and grab a  stuffed animal oh doodles she has a ton of them, BUt  I Do Doodley promise only to grab one if I see MY MOM not getting ready for a walk

Gheezzz I just want a short one MOM  really I do    Hmmmmm I hope she is going to read this later on becuase  ALSO my MOM has these conferences to do so last night we didn’t walk ha ha ha  she thought she was going to but she came home so exicted  yea

Welll her 4th graders gave her a little presrent that she has to wear on FRIDAY it was a PACKER T SHIRT  and all kinds of cards  Dad read them and just laughed hmmmmm so I went over to the cards on the floor  I could not see anything funnnY????? NO doodle cards for ME    ?????

What the doodles  Come on you little 4th graders  I like cards TOO ! ! !  ! !

OOOOPs gotta get going  OH  gheeeez  i hope my doodle buddy in NY is okay would I like all that snow ???? Hmmmmmmm NO NO NO!

Have a great  Wednesday

Love ya  WIlly BABE

SNOW  SNOW  SNOW  It's coming MOM says

SNOW SNOW SNOW It’s coming MOM says


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