OH  Yea Its  MOnday  MONDAY  oh Doodles It is Monday Morning !

Come on where is your smile  where is your SMILE where is your SMILE come on come on Where is your SMILLEEEEE on this very cold MONDAY !

Heee HEeeee when Mom heard me singing this song she was just shaking her head  WILSON its cold outside Babe no one will really be smiling !”  OH YEA  MOM they willk” because it is MONDAY MONDAY  OH DOODLES IT IS MONDAY MORNING !
Oh thats right  Shuck a doodle I just remembered that my MOM will be at work, so I won’t see her for awhile  But Dad will be near by ! !  ! !

Hmmmmm that means I get an extra treat that is why I LOVE MONDAY ‘s  it’s extra TREAT DAY ! !

No visitors this weekend  😦 but that is okay mom kept me busy and you know what she tried to take me on Dad’s walk route b ut, NOPE  NOPE NOPE she changed the route so that was not the route we take Dad and me so it doesn’t count ,  heee heee

Can’t just change up walking routes MOM !

Oh MY  Mom and I snuggled on Saturday it was   Doodlefantastic ! ! !  oh and we had some of that white stuff on my lawn in the backyard can you believe it???? yea really hmmmmmmmm not sure if I am ready for that stuff just yet !

So have a Marvelous , Magnificient MONDAY everyone !

I think I will just lay here on the couch today !

Love ya Willy BABE

Why do yo complain that is is MONDAY ???

Why do yo complain that is is MONDAY ???


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