WELL  I just can’t believe it that Friday is HERE  oh how I have waited and waited for Friday Friday FRIDAY  OH MY OH MY   ! ! !

This morning I overhead Mom and Dad talking Hmmmmm I think they talk just so I give them some kind of cute doodle expression   well they did it Yep my HUMANS made me do it  I just had to give them that  OH OH OH  look,

Mom said “Wilson be so surprised to see Karen”  What  what  OH YEA  OH YEA  my human sister  oh yea  OH YEA  I gave mom the paw and I looked with oh yes  !!!! That means Maisy too ! !  ! ! !

I can dance  I can dance better practice my dance steps  cux My Sister is coming home !

So put those two paws forward and shake and shake and shake and don’t forget the head bowed down to get those  scratches scratches too !

OOOO MOm did not WALK ME last night NOPE  and I was not really happy so when she got done eating  I grabbed that place mat again !  Well, come on she gets to play all day long at work and all I ask is for a walk

So what if it was so windy out that she could get blown away  ooops did I just say that??? OOOO don’t tell MOM  I didn’t mean it really Doodles  Mom would know was kidding ! She said when she comes home today that we would walk  OH YEA  OH YEA !

Hey Mom said she got to play a game yesterday at schoool way to go mom I have been practicing with mom on her catches she is getting pretty good, oh doodles she has when we play soccer and she tosses it up in the air  I throw it back to her  oh yea  !

OOOO MY Doodley Dooodles gotta get going

Have a Very Fluffy   FRIDAY

Love ya Willy BABE




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