Good MONDAY Morning

Come ON ! Come ON   Wake UP  WAKE UP IT{“S MONDAY ! ! ! !  Mom said I had an extra hour of sleep over the weekend, hmmmmmm I think that is why I had to get more sleep and rest in over the weekend: !

HA HA HA HA  Nah  I just had more fun than a doodle normally can yes  I did  and On FRIDAY MOM surprised me with a very VERY fast doodle kind of walk, OH OH GHEEZ it was so windy I just thought my ears were going to keep flapping and MOM and I would of TAKEN Off to the wide blue yonder  LOOK AT  ME  I CAN FLY     I CAN FLY  I CAN FLY
heee heeeee oh silliness !

But  on FRIDAY we had all kinds of little kids come to our door and MOM was giving them Treats well, of course  I did get a few  Dooodle TREATs of course.

Saturday MOM  and I walked in the leaves  OOOO you know what I can’t understand  MOM Likes to kick her legs in those piles but me  I just like to SNIFFFFFFFF HMMMMMMM I have been here before !

On SUNDAY OH Doodles  I was just lazy until MY neighbor MOCHA opened up our gate and WAAAALA  Mocha came in and also another PUP hmmmmmmm she started to bark and me but we got to know each other  HMMMM   NOPE  NO  NO  Fluffy paw  I waited until Mocha came in my backyard . heeeeee heeeeeee.

Then the gate was left open so I carefully went through the gate and WAAALA I jumped in the leaves and ran and ran then I slowly  very slowllllly came back into our yard and YEA  Mom new I was gone for a few minutes  SHe smiled and said ” DID YOU HAVE FUN BIG GUY ?”   Well MOM of course I did  oh mom is so silly !

Have a great MONDAY  !

Love ya Willy BABE

I think I will sniff here all day long

I think I will sniff here all day long


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