Boooo Booooooooo BOOO

Ha HA HA  I know  I know it’s been oh so long since I have been ON BUT IT”S NOT MY FAULT the computer CRASHED ! ! !

OH yea  OH YEA seee reason #248 that I nEED my own personal  I-PAD  MOM ! ! !  and DAD !!! But will they listen to ME  NO  NO NOPE  ! !  OOOO Doodles !

Whoosh its is so good to be bACCCCCKKKK oh how I missed typing and tell you all what I have been up to oh yea  oh yea  OOOO DOODLESY yes !

I snuck onto the computer the other night and Waaa Baaa la nothing hmmmmm I tried again and again until mom saw ME   UMMHEM  Willly Babe “What are you doing?””””””

MOM” I was just seeing if I could get  on I said ” So  it doesn’t work  oh doodles  OH OH OH what are we going to do MOM?????? OH Boy have no fear  Dad is here!  So my wonderful Doodley Dad went to get us a new computer Whooosh !!  What A doodle Relief that is !

Can you inmagine I was with out a computer for a few days and I was just going a little noodley in my brain  oh yes I was  Hard to Inmagine wasn’t it????

So Now I have to get you all caught up ! ! But that will take some time Mom has the day off today so I am thinking I might have a little bit of extra time if I can get MOM off the COMPUTER !! ! heee heeee !!!!

Guess what the other night on our way home from our walk who do I  snifff Snifff SNIFFF MAISY MAISY girl was walking on the same street as ME  ! ! ! OOOOO Dooodles HOW exciting that was  !  I tried to gallop all the way to Maisy but  MOM was holding me back  MOM ! ! MOM ! it’s Maisy it’s okay  I know it is I can see my little friend,  OH Okay Will

Mom just likes me being safe thats ALL !

OOOO it’s Halloween today and I get to get dressed up Hm mmmmmmm gotta look to see what I have ahhhhh I think I know  but I can’t tell it is a surprise ! ! TA DA

Happy Happppy boooo BOO Day

Love ya Willy BABE  ! !

Yea  I AM BACK ! ! !




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