Good Morning


I bet you have missed me   ! ! Wooof Wooooof Woof

My Mom just has not been able to find the time early in the morning to get me on the computer    There  REASON # 204  for me to get a IPAD ! ! !

See I know the holidays are coming and how do I know because mom has been looking at those doodle books that come in the mail, I am sure somewhere we can order a doodle I PAD ! !

Come on Let’s unite and get some IPADS for   alll PUPS

OOOOps gotta get going  Mom is running a little behind her schedule  but what about MINE???? HUH  come on   come on  What is more important MOM making her lunch for work or me just staying on the computer and just typing away ??!?!?!?

WEll, I just have a lot to say and I see that my MOM is giving me those EYES  heeee heee

mom is so silly LIke I will really listen to her  OK  OK  OK I am getting off MOM !
Talk to you all later on

Love ya

Willy BABE

Watching for that Rocky Guy

Watching for that Rocky Guy


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