Gooood MORNING !


Mom always says Mondays are like the beginning of a new week, hmmmmm so I guess my new week will include extra  treats????  hmmmmm so this morning while mom was not in her room,  hmmmm yea I was sort of naughty  well,   hey if you leave that door open of course I will go and investigate!

And what did I find NOTHING  and absoutley NOTHING  Dad must be putting his wallet away, so I have not had any leather to eat in dAys !  HUMMMMPH!

But On Saturday ha ha ha  Mom put a napkin right on top of the counter oh doodles and it smelled like syrup  oh YEA  so I carefully doodlefully crept over to the counter  lifted up my head to sniff and WAAALA  “WILSON!”  NO oh doodles that was DAD”S voice  oooops

HI Dad  I just smiled !  Well you can’t blame a guy for trying now can you !

So Saturday I got Groomed oh boy did that feel wonderful! So when I got home I ran and RAN around the backyard and of course I thought the GIRLS would see me !   I was looking sort of scruffy before but NOW  Ahhhh I am Doooodly Good Looking AGAIN ! bu not girls  Shuck  a doodle!

Yesterday MOM and I took a very nice long walk and who do we see We Saw  MOSBY yea my big GREAT DANE Buddy walking up the street well heck I haven’t seen him in weeks ! OOO Doodles  HI MOSBY I sAID he said HI BACK !!   MOm and I walked so far that in the evening when Dad and MOM were eating dinner  I was sitting so handsomely that I was falling asleeP  ! !  Mom said she should of recorded me  HUMMMPPH !  MOM there are times when I Mr. Wonderful just needs to close my eyes ! HA

So have a wonderful Doodley day

Love ya   Willy BABE

Almost time to make a GIANT leaf PILE

Almost time to make a GIANT leaf PILE


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