OH Yea OH YEA  It’s a wonderful day  OH YEA  OH YEA  it is a beautiful FRIDAY FRIDAY

I get to wag my tail a little bit more  OH YEA BEcause on FRIDAY It is a very fluffy day ! I just have  the urge to fluffy up my tail today because you never know who is coming over later in the day OH Yea I can’t say because it is a SURPRISE ! ! ! so shhhhhhh

OOOO Doodles are fun  Doodles Doodles are fun we are just so much fun we just like to be lazy ! I think that is why we are fun BUT I super Doodle Wilson is going to change that today ! Yep when I go outside MOM has all of those Plants that need to be dug up well, I just think I will help her along, nah she won’t no because I will do it when Dad is home for lunch !

Hey do u know when we take our walk that all of the trees are turning colors and that those big pile of leaves we it makes it easier to find sticks in yea  it does. And last night I found a huge one, you know what I can’t understand is that someone was walking there pup and the guy would not let me meet him. so funny mom said it is okay Wilson won’t hurt you.

Hmmmmmm  Mom and I think he just wasn’t in the mood to meet me  yea well, you know how some of us pups are !

Ooops I heard mom whisper to dad that I have to go to the groomers tomorrow so  oh boy  oh boy   that means a very long day for me  I  will be good, I always am I get to help out the other kids in the back room.  Sooooo the other day when MOM put a napkin on the counter I tried to get it  oh yea  .

I haven’t put my head on the counter in a long time, but  . . . Dad caught me and mom tried to scold me but she was smiling as she was saying “Wilson YOU KNOW BETTER”

Mom can I really take you seriously when you smile at me??? NOPE I CAN”T  OH WELL>

Hey last night on our walk I saw my little buddy Maisy, do you know that we planned the meeting yea  I knew she would be walking around the same time as me  Yes Yes Yes I sent her doodle thoughts as we walked past her house  OH DOODLES  OH DOODLES

SO Have a great weekend everyone I can’t wait to get groomed I need to get extra fluffed up !

Love ya Willy BABE

OOOOO I love the leaves

OOOOO I love the leaves


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