Ahhhh ooo wait  WAIT   OH YEA  ooops I thought oh doodly darn it is only WEDNESDAY !

OOOO O MAN I  thought it was Friday  nah really  really I did  I DID  because for some reason MOM was  going outside with me this morning then she would go out in the front what the doodles was she doing??? Hmmmmm well there was suppose to be a big MOON and it was going to be ORANGE ???? Hmmmm sounds doodley susupicious to me.

Well anyway nothing  out there NOPE Mom came in and said it was cloudy, but then when I went outside in the backyard she came with me  I guess she really wanted to see this moon

Oo last night we walked and some people really should have lights on Yea because I have to use my Doodle radar and you know sometimes I just want to sniff those trees instead !

So last night as we were walking we came across two people walking there small dog  I just love it when those teeny tiny pups want to sniff me and they start yapping  I just smile and look at my MOM > funny Funnny so also last night some people are making huge leave piles OH YEA  I just love those PILES
I think I am getting to me a little like MOM with those leave piles because I just want to walk right through them  OOO what fun it is !  to run and play through those leaves  OOOOO OH  OH  OH OH

OOOO and all of these house are putting up scary stuff around there house hmmmmm that means only one thing TRICK or TREAT again and MOM says we are going to shop for my costume hmmm and when is that ??? OOO who knows so I guess I will just have to look on line while mom is at work !

Have a wonderful doodly day and enjoy those leaves falling down    ha ha ah

Love ya  Willy Babe

last night too after my walk  my DAD gave me a doodly wonderful belly rub  ahhhhhh

I love those rubs

I can't wait to play in those leaves again !

I can’t wait to play in those leaves again !


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