Friday ahhhhh

Well, oh well my tail would be a little bit more fluffier this morning if  IF  my MOM would of taken me for a walk last night ! !

Ghhezzzzzly doodley she went to work out first then when she came home it was a little drizzly but oh GHEEE MOM we still could of gone, I was even sitting so Handsomely in our living room waiting for her to come downstairs  I see her my tail starts to wag and then she opens up the front door and   Whoosh went the wind and DOWN came some rain, it was not that bad.

No it wasn’t because MOM checked later on oh sure it was a little bit later than normal, but we didn’t walk, so MY tail isn’t very fluffy waggin this morning !  HUYMMMMMPH

But, mom promised me that after school today she would take me out well I certainly HOPE SO !  There is only so much that I Mr. Wilson can take, YEa  I need to sniff and see my buddies  OH GHEEEZZZ !

So I look out my window and what do I see I see Raindrops falling from the TRee , I turn around and what do I see I see my deck full of rain puddles that I need to splash in !! !  ! !

I want to get muddy and dirty and smelly today  Yea  Yea Ya  I just love these Fridays when I can get into trouble ! ! ! !

And today I pick is one of the days ! !

So Have a Happpy Happy FRIDAY !! ! !

Love ya Willy BABE !

Please stop those rain drops

Please stop those rain drops


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