Hey Hey HEY

 Lets go  Walking AGAIN

Lets go Walking AGAIN

OH Boy OH BOY  It’s is a kinda day that well you just want to jump into that pile of leaves  right????!!!?!?!??!

Well I will tell you something  I just love hanging out with my mom yea this morning she wanted to go and get ready for the day ! Yea can you believe that ?????!!!! Well I just have a hard time occasionaly knowing that my MOM is leaving me   hummmph ! So this morning I decided that I would block her way ,

So I just leaned into my Mom and said PET ME  HUG ME  PET ME  again and she did  Ahhhhh  I sort of like when I get my way    is the Doodle Way  We like to be petted and hugged and hugged  again and again plus  I was sort of hoping that MOM would also give me my bone this morning !

OOOoooOOOO  last night Mom and I were walking  walking We were walking under the cloudy skies and the wind was slightly blowing  woooo  wooooo It was so cool, but do you know that people are putting up  HUGE Pumpkins in there yard and some large ugly huge HUGE SPIDERS eeeek ! ! !  Mom says “Don’t worry Wilson ”  yea right MOM ! How can I not worry when she won’t let me go up to this stuff to sniff it?? HUH  HUH!!!

OOO guess what last night my cute little friend Maisy was out on her walk too ! Yes  I spotted that flash light and Mr. O and waaaa LA   I wanted to gallop to her but, we were sort of on a busy street and Come on MOM you know I would run right into Mr. O !!

So what do we do well we continue our way they go there way and where do we meet  right in the Middle of our street see Maisy and I planned it that way  I was able to sniff sniff here she comes  walking on down the street the cutest little PUG you would ever want  to meet !! My Maisy girl so what does my wonderful MOM do she lets go of my Least Yells to Mr. O  Here he comes and WAaaaLA  I gallopped  all the way to my little friend ! ! ! Well of course I gallopped it was like 3 minutes since we last saw each  other Come on People we are only PUPS who like to see our friends !

AHHHH Happy Day ! Have a wonderful day

Love ya Willy BABE


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