Good MOrning

Well Welll Well, Okay so MOM was on that OTHER PAGE you know the one Golden Doodle page and it seems that all my Doodle buddies are getting costumes for Halloween, so MOM is thinking about it yea ! ! ! ! !  OOOO Gheeez I could be a lion but How can she make me one ?????

Hmmmmm I think we will shop this weekend to check out stores come on Now wouldn’t I look good as CHewBACCA from Star Wars ????!?!??!

Ooo I think I would and all mom would have to do is get my hair all fluffy and stuff and make me a cape, hmmmm No cape, well I want one because I am like Super Chewbaccha Doodle Wilson !

Yea I sit by my new window in the morning and check out my world, do u know my world is pretty fascinating in the morning !! OH yea there are birds that honk  honk  honk during the d ay   squirrels running around on top of my fence and then there is a BLACK CAT that HAUNTS me every day  hummmmmph ! !  ! !

So that is my  doodle case for being CHEWBACCHA for HALLOWEEN ! ! !  ! !!

Have a great day today

Love ya Willy BABE

See I can be Chewbaccha for HALLOWEEN  !

See I can be Chewbaccha for HALLOWEEN !


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