Good Happy Tuesday everyone !

Oooo Doodles I had such an wonderful weekend, oooo doodles  doodles  doodles and more doodles, nah just kidding but  it was a fantdoodle weeekend.

MY Human sister was home and my best cousin in the whole world was here tooo MAISY  ! ! !  ! Oooo man she still likes to play so much  that on Sunday when she left yea I was sad but oooo my  I just collapsed on my spot on the couch yep  yep  yep!!! And MOM all she had to do was look at me and smile then I closed my eyes crossed my paws  and WAAAALA I was out.

But, then all of a sudden grrrrrrrrrrrdd  grrrrrrr that black cat man oh doodles where does this cat come from and where is it going Wooof WOOOF WOOOF WOOF then mom comes down (see she was cleaning ) BUt I  Wonder Wilson Was protecting my MOM  Dad was reffing  Woofo Ruuuuuf Ruuuf Ruuuf  oooo Black Cat  OOO Black CAT please don’t come any more  OOO Black CAT  OOOO Black CAT  You just get me so doodley nervous ! ! ! !

Yea so anyway I think I scared him away !!  OOO I didnt get any walks at all over the weekend it’s okay because I ran with my cousin ahhhhh and Maisy oh doodles she could hardly keep her eyes open on Sunday afternoon so very funny!

But yesterday I was home whinnnn whiinnnn with no one to play with  Whinn Whinnnnn, but an amazing thing MOM took me for a walk right away yesterday when she came home it was fun expect Gus’s Dad is getting a little strange  when we meet him at night time I think I will tell MOM we need to find another route, then as we were walking across a street some guy yelled out his window,   I just looked at MOM  and said “Mom, we better go home !” and SHE AGREED !

See  sometimes when I give mom that LOOK she always says one more block and then we end up with three more blocks HUMMMMPH but , NOt last night I was soooo happy !

OOO I could of gone 4 more blocks but that car got me nervous Yea can you believe that ! Me the big guy got nervous !!

OOOO gotta get going have a wonderful Tuesday !

Love ya  Willy BABE

Can you find the ME???

Can you find the ME???


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