Good Morning

Well,   I am a  just wondering what happens when all my buddies mom’s go back to work,

When Dad came home for lunch I tried to rufff ruffffff ruufff with everyone but,  whinnnn whinnnn not a single one of my buddies came outside to ruff with me ! ! What the doodles heck was up with that????

Then MOM came home late yesterday OOOOOoooOOOOO  I just could not belive it I thought well , maybe she had to stay forever !  OOOO MOM  I was so happy to see her  I got my head scratched my  tail was waggin  it was such a wonderful Doodley NIGHT !!

WE even went for a late night walk and I saw Leaf,  and Buster , and GUS  ooo Man oh Doodley Man it was wonderful    ! ! ! ! !

But, what the heck, this morning MOM got up just a little late  the alarm, well I told her I can take care of that  just let me in your room all Night  LONG  I can Sing All NIGHT LONG !

Heeee Heeee  I am not sure that will happen.   \

Going back to work thing  not sure but I just have to get into a different routine  now !  Yep that means I can lay on my deck just a weee bit longer and MOM will come out and give me more snuggles in the the morning !! Yea !

But On Tuesday when the kids are with her all day  we will take a selfie  just so she has it with her , and you know what  MOM didn’t forget me yesterday at all  She Missed me

Awwwww Doodles  and I missed my Mom too!

Love ya Willy BABE

Mom come on Stay home just one more day

Mom come on Stay home just one more day


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