Fluffy fluffy FRDIAY

Hey HO  How are you  IT’s Friday  FRIDAY but. . . . . this might be the last FRIDAY that MOM and I can go for our ICE CREAM treat  whinnnn whinnnnnn, NOT really sure but . . . .  I will just have to wait.

OOO doodles  I protected my MOM yesterday see some man came over to give MY MOM some ideas on flowers HUH  mom I could do that  I smell them everyday!

B ut,  any way  yesterday we both just felt lazy but, once that sun came out OH Doodley Doo MOM and I played soccer in the backyard oooo so much fun and she is becoming pretty good with that soccer ball too. hmmmmm but I had quite a few  defensive blocks against my mom.

You know yesterday when we went for our evening walk , I saw my MOM  put a treat in her pocket what the doodles but she told me they were for those six kids that like to pet me and always ask for a treat to give me  ahhhhh MOM you are something !

But they were not outside at all, and you would think mom would give me a little piece, oh yea she did !!!  but  something else was wrong !  One of the houses we go by all the time and the pup  barks at me well   he didn’t bark at me  oh so sad   yea   I was sad   MOM knew there was some thing wrong .    she gave me another little treat  Hmmmmmm a pattern woof woof  wag wag  wag  wooof wooof Wagglying  wag!

Then I just thought heck if we go past my new treat guy I can get another  one, so  I started to walk slow again  ah HA he is on his porch so I walked very  verrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyy slooowwwww, Hey Wilson!   ” I SMILED ” come here big guy !!  ! ! ahhhhh another TREAT  wooof   woooooof   !  As we were leaving MOM said do yo think this is TRICK or TREAT night??????   MOM seriously???  This is AUGUST  WAit until OCTOBER  Here I come  Mr. Doodle Bug  Hmmmmmm I should start thinking of what I want to be?????

A DOODLEY DOODLE  hheee  now that is original ! ! ! !

So this afternoon  ICE CREAM TREAT  DAY ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !  Maybe I will get another  big extra scoop ! !   I can only dream.

Hey  have a wonderful  Fluffy Kind of a day

Love ya   Willy BABE

I just love  FRIDAYS, Thursdays  MONDAY TUESDAYS Wednesday SUNDAY and SATURDAY

I just love FRIDAYS, Thursdays MONDAY TUESDAYS Wednesday SUNDAY and SATURDAY


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