Good Doodley DAy

So it’s raining out today and you know what  I am just so doodley not OKAY with that !!  Nope NOPE NOPE  because I don’t get my walk and MOM OH yea  I know exactly what MOM will do this morning  yep  SHE IS GOING to CLEAN !! Ewwww can you doodley inmagine that ????

Clean  come on  well, I am mostly going to stop that one, it’s been a long time since I have gotten into any kind of trouble !!  YEA  so I think Karen has a few items in her room that I can just take and show mom then we can run through the house  HEEE HEEEE that would be so much fun !!  But,  hmmmmmmm would  MOM give me that bone she got for me yesterday????? oh yea she would

OOOOO Jack my human brought me a new collar it is blue  oh yea  OH YEA  I got a new collar  OH YEA  OH YEA  It looks super doodley cool on me ! !  !  Yesterday MOM took me to my favorite store just to get a new tag for it too OH YEA  OH YEA  !! !  I look good in blue  blue  BLUE  BLUE  !  ! !

Mom and I took a walk yesterday , NO ONE was outside what was up with that???? HuH   oooo and Mom and I were chatting along the way  ohhh she is so funny she wanted me to remember something  so I just turned and smiled at her      OOOO MOM ! ! !

I missed my Mom and Dad they were gone for a few days, so when MOM came to pick me up on Sunday  I ran right over to her and JUMPED UPPED and put my paws on her shoulders hmmmmm I am almost taller then her ! ! and   when we got into the car well, there is NO WAY NOPE  NO DOODLY way was I going to sit in the back  I deserve front row !!  SO  I just crawled over the top and sat right next to MOM !  ahhhh It was very cool being in the front seat

Mom smiled !  IT”S good to be back home, but  I did enjoy my time at my vacation spot !


Well have a great Tuesday   Love ya ALL !

Willy Babe

It's good to be HOME

It’s good to be HOME


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