OOO MY Dooodles  who would of thought that  life is so busy for this doodle bug???

Me  that’s who  OH boy  OH boy  ! ! !   I could not even get a rest in on my coach yesterday because MOM    had the carpet cleaned and  she didn’t even tell me so how in the doodle world could I off gotten on the computer  hmmmmm I really need to be informed  MOM at least she could of given me some kind of hint ,  Like WILSON the carpet guy is coming so you can’t be in your favorite spot today  !  But, NOOOooooOOO

Oh Doodley WEll thats okay  Mom and I just spent time out on the deck in the sunshine  ahhhhhh  Then I had to Woof Wooof woooof  oooo that is Dad  yea he even had to come through the backyard to get into the house see even Mom forgot to tell Dad too OOOOps

So the other night   the doorbell rings and who is at my door Maisy  Oooo my littlest buddy it was awesome doodleness seeing her so  Mom asked if she could play so we went in my backyard and she noticed the bushes gone  OOOOO sorry Little friend, but no worries I will always find you a hiding spot ! ! !   WE ran and ran then STOPPED  that good ha ha ha  then we chased again  and Maisy came just too make sure I was who I was  silly girl, well , you know  how we check right????  yea we smile at each  other  !! !

Yesterday mom took me for a nice walk ahh  a few pups were out but,  we got a few sprinkles on us   not too bad but  I did get wet  ohhh Thats okay!

So we are going for a walk this morning and ooh yea  I have to see the vet today well, I am getting a shot  OUCH! !  but the best thing about going to the vet, I get treats !

Well must get going to start sniffing those trees they are waiting for me and have my name on all of them !!  !  !!  Doodles  AWAY

Love ya

Willy Babe

shhh  don't tell Mom I snuck into her garden

shhh don’t tell Mom I snuck into her garden


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