Happy Afternoon

Well hi  this is so  strange , well let me tell you Mom for a Monday was just moving along singing a song  in the morning and she forgot to Put on the computer  hmmmmmmm

Little worried because Mom  is okay with me  when I go on to say hi to everyone  OH DOODLES  where oh where and what  WHAT was my MOM thinking of today  I have noooo Doodley ideas what so ever ! HYMMMMMPH !

Yesterday Mom and I went on over to the soccer  field, and with Dad reffing all day I just didn’t see him so much so > > >  mom and I drove over , oooo Doodles those clouds were getting dark and dark and then all of a sudden  POUR  POURING  It s Raining It’s Raining there will be puddles all over  It’s Raining  It’s RAining hmmmm not good for a doodle with curly hair, Well we waited  just a little in the car , which was doodley fine with me, I just don’t like the rain, it curls my fur!

So when Mom and I saw Dad under the ref tent we went on over which was doodles   Doodles  all of those ref bags   snifff SNIff  SNIFFF hmmmmm Doodle bag heaven !

Sure I sniffed but, mom kept a close eye on me because she just didn’t want me to sneak anything out of a bag Really MOM?>?????? Come on would I do that?? I sure would  HA HA AHA

ahh it was fun because Dad was done with reffing and we stayed under this tent and I was able to get petted and petted ahhh Do you know how much fun it is being a doodle???

It is a lot of fun  ! !    Doodles  Dooodles we are so much fun we wag our tail and we can give you those EYES  Doodles  Dooodles we are so much fun ! !  !

Mom and I have to do a little shopping this afternoon  I haven’t had a bone in a while  and Daisy needs a few stuff  too even though she is a bird  she needs food now and then !

So have a great doodle day

or the rest of the day  hee hee

Love ya


Happy Monday AFternoon

Happy Monday AFternoon



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