Well guess what?????  I was away for the weekend while MOM and DAD were having fun also !

But I bet they didn’t have as much fun as me !! OH Yea   I got to play and Play   and PLAY and snuggle oooo Doodles those humans at the Kennel love snuggling with me ahhhhh and can you blame them !! I am a cutie pie yea  that’s what they call me CUTIE PIE !

Blusshing going on here yep  oh doodley yep  and the place I go to has a new jungle gym so I got to go on it ahhh soo much fun we even played tag   now that was interesting  !

When my mom got me yesterday I was so  hapoppppppy    I was going in circles and Circles  Doodle Circles then of course Mom was talking to the human behind the counter and I wanted to go so what do I do  I jump up on mom to say COME ON  COME ONE ! ! !

And we left got home and   Ahhhhhh rolling in the grass for my back scratch  ahhhhhh, but I tell you I am pretty tired from the weekend expect that was yesterday !

So this morning  I thought hmmmmmm what is going on  Dad is not up oh sure it was 5:30 am and normally they are up but,. . . . .  Ahhhhh the door was slightly opened so HI MOM AND DAD   wake up  WAKE UP  see I was resting all day yesterday so I was ready to start the day ! ! ! !

Goood MORNING  WILLY BABE thats what mom said heee heeeee , we even took a early morning walk because it is suppose to get warm later one !! ooooo Doodley Dee I can’t wait to see !
So last night MOm left the house but. . . before she left she said “I will see you in a few minutes”  ok  so I am doodles fine with that, but. . . . I was watching  and watching the front window  “DAD where isMOM??””””   DAd says don’t worry she will be back ,  so I went back to the window again NO MOM  HUMMMPH   whinnn Whinnn  MOM  Well, . . .  so dad and I went outside together   Dad was working on the fence and I was just waiting for MOM !! OH yea I was outside but . . . MOM?>?????  the all of a sudden  there she was !!

OOOO yea  MOM  my tail was waggin  waggin waggin, “Dad says to MOM he is a big baby”  Heee MOM just smiles !  Ahhhh MOM !!  Ruff Rufff

I am sure we will have a good adventure today because it is warm  outside  so I think my favorite store is in order for today  do I hear  ZESTY”S   hmmmmmmm Z E S T YS

MOM Please????

Have a great Doodle kind of a day  Wag your tail ! ! !

Love ya Willy BABE

Mom did say she would be right back !  !

Mom did say she would be right back ! !



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