Well Doodle buddies, I sort of had a nice weekend,

See on Friday  I got a little sick in my tummy and mom was very worried for me, but I feel a little bit better today, I just laid around but I did go to the fireworks with my Mom and Dad sure we just sat in the car on top of a hilly road it was really cool and I didn’t even woof ONCE ! ! ! !

I was just happy that mom and dad took me for a ride even though I had a tummy ache, and of course on Saturday when Mom got up I gave her  smile  just  a little one, I would lay on the coach she asked how I was  I just picked up my head and plopped it down again  !

Yea this big guy just was not my doodle self, but yesterday I was feeling a little bit better, I got to eat chicken and rice hmmmmm good !! See I just could not understand why I could not eat my regular food  but . . .  Heck  I will take the rice and chicken so what do I get today Just a little bit of my own food  Doodles  Doodles Doodles  I was sort oflooking to chicken and rice again.

But the best doodle thing to happen yesterday was that Julia and I were peeking through the fence hee haaa haaaa  and I was watching Dad dig some fence posts holes hmmmm I think this should be interesting we will see, so this big guy was just taking it easy all weekend long !! !

have a great doodley day

Love ya Willy

Think I am just going to rest again today !

Think I am just going to rest again today !


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