Happy Happy

Oh My Doodles Doodles Doodles,  it is JULY   oooo you know what that means?????

Strawberries  Yummmmmm  Yummmmm Mom and I are going Thursday to get our pick our strawberies  I just hope that I won’t be noticed to much in the strawberry field   Strawberry Fields forever  ahhhh  Ahhhh I love the smell of strawberries ahhhhh! ! !  Then Mom and I are going to make some jelly together ahhhhh I just can’t wait ! ! !  !

Oops Sorry I didn’t go on yesterday but,  . . .   over the weekend I was so busy that I just needed my time on Monday to relax   my cousin Maisy came for a visit and that was so much fun sure it was a little hot but . . . . OH Boy  it was fun and then Mocha even came over to  So the gentlemen that I am I made sure I laid down on my back just waiting for my girls to come by and tickle my belly !  !!

Ahhh Girls  I just love it when they come and tickle my belly heee heee then I have to quickly get up and chase them heee hee

Summer time  summer  time OOO I love the summer time   It’s time to play time to play and play some MORE ! !  !! Ooo and Do some fluffy stuff too well you know the paw has to come out sometimes because it just does !

Maisy and I do get a long very well  she likes to chase me and keep me moving all around funny girl ! ! But  ahhh it is so sad when they have to leave so on Mondays I just have to relax so  I do !

Hey  Mom and I took a nice morning walk  we didn’t want to go so far because it was sort of humid out but there were so many pups outside that well, you know me  I have to greet everyone I meet  ! ! So I did.

But last night there was a cool storm coming so Mom and I sat on the porch to listen to the rain I was getting just slightly nervous with those cracks of flash in the sky  I kept looking at mom  “Mom, it is getting alittle scary out her”  Ah “Wilson its okay ” hmmmm Okay if you say so   BANG  BANG oooo MOM ! ! Okay  Okay so we went  inside whoosh  WHOOSH what I have to do too keep mom SAfe ! ! It’s a hard job but

Wilson the wonder Doodle likes doing this job ! !

Have a wonderful  JULY DAY

Love ya

Willy Babe

Gotta rest up for my morning walk

Gotta rest up for my morning walk


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