Hey guess what  Mom is actually home for a bit  Yipppeee Doodley DEEE

At first I just thought oh man must be just a day she has off but I knew it wasn’t Saturday or Sunday doodlecuz Dad wasn’t home hmmmmmmm OOO my   OOOO my

Friday was so much fun with mom  and  I watched everything she did  we pulled weeds together and I just rolled in the grass giving me a back scratch  and then  we ate treats on the deck together  ahhhhh I kept my eyes on Mom I was just wondering all day what she was doing??!?!?!?!?!?

We took a walk and played, I didn’t close my eyes once because u never knew where mom was going to go ! !  ! ! ! !     She left early in the morning to do her yoga came back and we played again  ! !  !

Over the entire weekend  I was busy   I helped her in the garden I even forgot that Mocha was in her backyard for awhile then all of a sudden ZOOOOM DOODLEY DOO In comes Mocha so we played for a little bit heck Mocha  I have mom here , so then Mrs. G came over and the humans talked the gate was opened so Waaaa LA I gallopped through the gate and Mocha stayed in my back yard  oooo yea  thats ok !! ! ! !

Dad came home for lunch   then on Saturday MOM didn’t clean  oh  doodles we played again   but to tell you the honestly doodle truth it’s hard keeping track of mom ! ! ! !

On Fathers Day we went to the soccer field to watch the games  and can you belive it  I was Called a BIG BABY  hmmmmm oh  all right yes  I am just a little bit of baby   Heee HEEE The the RAIN came down oouch  hurrryy MOM  hurrry she jogged all the way over to the car in her FLIP FLOPS  heee hee HA HA HA  I know I should not laugh but . . . .

So today instead of going for a evening walk it’s suppose to get warm we went this morning not as early as I like but Mom she has to do YOGA Hmmmmmmm OH well thats Okay I can lounge,   Oooo and Mom has a new water bottle for me on our walk   it pours out water into a cut  cooL   hu h!?!?!?!?

Well not sure what we  r doing this afternoon but I know I will be right by my Mom’s side.

Have a great sunny Day

Love ya

Willy Babe

Okay now what are we doing MOM???

Okay now what are we doing MOM???


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