Good Monday MORNING

Hey Hey what u say it is June 2 today so. . ..  do you know what that means  ????

On June 6th is my birthday  I am going to be a happy doodle oh yea  You say my birthday is a few days away  how am I going to celebrate???? Hmmmmmm Doodley doo that is not a hard one to answer  PARTY  PARTY  just like a doodle would doo shhhhhh

Gotta keep it just a little bit of a secret !!

Hey guess what I thought Saturday was just going to be another day waiting for Mom to finish cleaning doodle blah  doodle blah  All of a sudden DAD comes home and says lets go  Come on  Let’s go up to Door county  Oooo Doodley Doo my favorite place  because I get lots of hugs and I know that they have a Ice Cream shop named after me of course   WILSON”S  heeee heeeee

But we stopped at a place in Stugeon Bay and Mom picked up some food hmmmmm was it good we were at a festival and we had some side pork  I sat like a good boy, oooo also I got lots of pets  too and a few hugs. Then we went over to another great place, do u know Mom left for a few minutes and waited in line for some stuff, so when we walked back into the car  I had to make sure she got in  WEll Heck Doodley yes I didn’t want to leave MOM !

Oooo what a day

Ooops gotta get going  have to get on later   have an awesome days

9 days left for mom  ooooo yea  Belly RUB



yummmmy Ice Cream

yummmmy Ice Cream


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