Hey do you know that MOM has only a few more days left of school and  I get her home ALL Day Long  OH yea  all Day Long  we will be dancin  dancin DANCING we will be dancing  in 11 more days !   ! ! Doodley Doooooo !

Oh my doodles did I have a a busy weeekend  my cousin Maisy came over onFriday but, she has got it right  yep  Mom and My sister Karen had to go somewhere but OH that Maisy girl she thought she was going with hmmmmmm I tried yep  I doodly did try to tell her that we aren’t goin  How do u ask??? Well I knew because Mom didn’t pack my bag ! ! !

OOOOO so We had Dad all weekend long and boy oh doodly boy did we keep him busy ! Yea It was GREAT ! ! ! !    We kept going outside then coming in and going out hee heeeee

Dad Loved it !  WE had company come over on Sunday night  Mrs B  that is Abby’s mom oh doodles and Dad lite a fire but shhhhhh Mom does a better job yea so she finished it off, well  I just  think mom likes to doodle with the fire  heee Oka Okay  silly joke  and not one of my bests  but oh well I am A doodle !

So    My Birthday is coming up  on June 6th and to Date I haven’t recieved and Cards but heck   I know I will get some  Mom would want me to have lots of TREATS you know !

OOOPs look like the time  I will have to tell you all about Rocky Squirrel and Maisy tomorrow  she was funnny  Rocky Told me yesterday that he likes teasing the girl.

So have a great doodly day and 11 more days and MOM is HOME for the SUMMER  OH YEA  OH YEA !!!

Love ya Willy

Soccer Soccer and More Soccer to be played

Soccer Soccer and More Soccer to be played


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