Good Friday Morning

Ooopppps   a doodle day

I did a disappearing act last night Yep I surely did and I am sooo doodley proud of myself too !

WEll you know my guys are working on my house so sometimes they leave the gate open so I have to be on a tie out to be safe you know  don’t want me wandering the streets !!  Even though I know where I would go .

WEll anyway  mom put me outside after the guys left and she checked to make sure the gate was closed and all was good, well, she starts dinner  and yea  I woofed just to let her know that I was going to visit my GF  well one of them,  I can’t cross the street by myself YEa even though I am 5  going on  6   Yes On JUNE 6th    treats please.

So any way   Mom went outside  I heard call my name  Heee Heee I wasn’t in the backyard  NOPE I wasnt  see there was this little little opening that I could fit

So I went over to Bells,  and just sat  on her deck,  wagging my fluffy tail,  Well I haven’t had any pups come over to play so I just thought I would go to one of them !! So I did

But Bell’s sister brought me home   oh Doodles  Mom looked so happy to see me

I guess I scared her  MOM  know where would I go???? I know I can go to Maisy’s but I can’t cross the street by myself !!

So last night  I did the zoomies in the back yard and as soon as I got to the fence area MOM shouted WILSON  What””’!!!! Oh yea  I can’t leave the yard I am Doodle Grounded

HUMPH Greummmmp

Well I know its for safety !!

Dad has to fix that part of the fence today after work so It’s the tie outfor me unless like this morning  Mom watched me Gheeezzzzz i am 5 I can handle this MOM

OOOO MOm’s they are the best

Have a great FRIDAY

Love ya Willy Babe

Maybe  BEll will visit me today

Maybe BEll will visit me today



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