YIpppeeeee FRIDAY

Oh Yea  Oh Yea Friday is Here  OH Yeah  Oh Yea  Friday is here  so

LET”S DANCE  LET”S DANCE  Let’s do the doodle dance  It is Friday FRiday FRIDAY


Can you tell I am sooooo excited about Friday today , Yea  I get to play all day tomorrow Yipppeeee Doodley Dee Hurray for me ! ! Yep my backyard is still swampy but MOm promised I would have fun on Saturday  oh Doodles that can mean anything  !!  Hmmmm

OOOOppps the other day when mom and I took a walk we saw my buddy Leaf yes he is that little guy that looks like a collie well, we did the dance  I did the BIG Dance he did the little dance mom let go of my leash and WAAAALA  I galloopped over to a sidewalk then came back and gallopped away again !!   ! ! ! Oooooo MOM called WILSON  WILSON well the tree smelled ahhhhh so I didn’t listen to well, but I came back to mom !!!

I don’t know if she will do that again  I think she will bring some treats  when I go off leash  , Or MOM you just need to practice more with me again !! ! ha Ha HA  I was just showing off thats all !! ! !  I would never runaway from my MOM !

Mom told Dad that I need to run RUN  RUN like the wind because  I haven’t really been able to run in the back yard

WEll Gotta get going My Guys are coming over again today  and I must say they are doing a pretty good job on the house  Hmmmmm

Constuction Doodle Watching away ! ! ! !

Have a awesome Doodley FRDIAY

Love Wilson

What are my guys going to do today???

What are my guys going to do today???



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