Good MOrning

OOOO AAAAAA What a beautiful day  OOOO AAAAA the sun is shinning today !! !

MMMMeeeeee MEEEEEE Yep I am getting for my daily woof Woof woof outside today and I think my buddy Bell is back from her vacay hmmmm Mom says that she went to the same spot I go too Hmmmmm Doodley FINE

So Sunday night when we were all just hanging around  well, after of course Mom took me for my walk so we walked over to Zesty’s hmmmm Chocolate Chocolate Fudge and MOM SAID  NO  Humph ! ! ! ! oh well so we walked and had a great time !  But can you belive this at night time I grabbed my favorite ball to play catch with  ,  Mom and I were playing and I tricked MOM into getting on the floor .

Heee okay so she throws the ball  I get it and I noticed hmmmmm Mom has fallen my doodleness tricks so I just walked up onto the coach and WAaa LA   I am there right next to dad.  DAD takes my Blue Squeeky Ball and Throws it  hmmmm UH  Dad   !!  So I had to give DAD the PAW  TWICE  not once like I usually do but TWICE   and can you believe it  Both my humans giggled at me ! Gheeeez Doesn’t anyone take me seriously  !!!

Must get moving along have a great day today  and ENJOY that SUN  I can’t wait to find my sun spot on the floor today.

Love Ya

Willy doodle

Ahhh I love the SUN

Ahhh I love the SUN


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