Let the sun shine  Let the dodley sun shine today  Today  Let the Sun Shine Today Today Today!!! ! !  !  I just need that sun to shine on me  Shine on ME  Shine on Me  I need to let that sun shine on me  to make it a  PERFECT DAY !!!

Hey guess what???? Mom was talking to a neighbor last night that use to live next to me and they had a little puppy named BELLA  and guess WHAT  Oooo I can hardly stop my tail from waggin ! ! ! ! She is coming for a visit soon and we are going to party  PARTY  like us Pups party  oh yea  I hope she remembers me !  ! ! ! ooooo

So later on today I am going to go outside and send a Woof Woof message to the gang !! ! !  ! Yea my tail was waggin a lot when mom told me  NOW  we just need my back yard to dry out ! !

Sooo Sun Shine Sun Shine Please Shine on Down   Sun Shine please shine on me ! !  !!  !

Ok you know the weather last night wasn’t so bad but  did  MOM take me for a WALK NOPE SHE DIDN”T Hmmmm Gummmmp ! ! !

Even after I gave her a big  HUGE we are Talkin HUGE doodle welcome when she came home from work Gheeeezzzzzzz  OH WEll maybe today    Instead mom Brushed me so I get more fluffy   FLuffier then normal and I must say  she had to give me a few treats too !

Ha h a ha  MOM  you are funnny ! ! !    But she did tell me we have to go too the groomer on Saturday  ooop-s    I think I am getting my almost summer do!

Have a great wonderful Doodley Day

Loveya  Wilson

Where is that SUN

Where is that SUN


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