Ruff Ruffff

Yep that is doodley right that is what I had to do yesterday morning !!

Well Mom and Dad forgot to tell me that some People were coming over to give me a new ROOOF  yea  Roof   So all I heard in the morning before mom opened up the drapes was  Bang BAng  Grrrrrrrrrr What the Doodles was going on??????

Finally Mom OPened up the drapes and WAaaa LA  MEN Hmmmmmm and Dad was outside ??!?!?!? So Dad came in got my leash oh Doodles we are walking?????

Nah  Dad had me meet all the guys that were outside then all of  a sudden someone was on my DECK HUH????? I didn’t meet him I was waggin my tail it was going in circles and MOM didn’t even open up the door Sheeezzzzzzzz Doodles Sheeez !!!!

So in the afternoon when dad came home I got to go outside yea  I have to do that occasionaly so  I grabbed a piece of Roofing and Dad took it away  well,  It looked good to chew on ! ! !

Heeee Heeeee  Not sure what is happening today but so far . . . . not trucks are pulling up into my drive way !

Whoooosh that is good

So have a great doodle day

Love ay Willy

What is going on ????

What is going on ????


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