Ruff Ruffffff

Good Morning  to you   Good MOrning To you Good Morning Good Morning Good Morning to you !!!

HI well have got to doodley say that I am so doodle glad that we didn’t get any snow , see my cousin Maisy is coming to visit and it will be so much better to play  on the grass then the snow ! !  ! ! !   Hee Heee Well you know that mom has to wipe off all those snow balls that cling on to my furry legs and sometimes I just don’t want to wait  for mom to do that I just want to go and lay down

So I get to hide some doggie treats mom said for Maisy and me hmmmm well I am trying to convince mom that I can do it without eating them Hmmmmm Come on Yes I can do that really I can !

Yesterday was a boring BORING day  yep    Dad and Mom had some guy come over to check out which siding they are going to get and can you believe this    THIS guy was with another pup and   snifff snifff hmmmm don’t know the pup  I even tried to see if in his pockets he had any treats  Hmmmmm NOPE    can you belive that one????

Mom even said that I might even have to go to DAY CARE one day huh????!!!!! Oh boy I hope my doodle ears didn’t hear her right !!  Why do I have to go ???? HUH  well, I have to get to the bottom of this one !

Have a great doodle day and may the doodle bunny leave chocolate eggs on your porch

Love ya


Come on  Bunnies where are you ???

Come on Bunnies where are you ???


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