Okay  Okay can we please start this week over  really   I mean Doodley REALLY

AS I sat on my deck this morning and looking at my own personal pond in the corner of our yard and then seeing that silly duck swim in my neighbor’s pool hmmmmmm

woof wooof woooooof

Hey guess what  the sun is shinning  shinnning SHINNING  the sun is ShiNNING  I think it will be a great GREAT DOODLE DAY  ! Plus  MOM has new walking shoes so I think we should just try them out today YEP YEP
Oooo On Saturday when MOM and I took a walk someone stopped us to say hi and his pup was like Lets Play  Lets Play  UMMMM  Pup  I can’t play with you I am  by Maisy’s house gheeeez   So I look and Yea Maisy Girl is looking out her window  Aww Maisy

It’s okay this pup lives a few blocks away then as soon as I sent my Doodle Teleportic message Maisy popped down off of the chair  whooosh ! that was a close call !

Yesterday I was a little worried Dad came into the house before MOM ! ! Yea and Normally that doesn’t happen oh MY MOM  MOM  I saw her pull up I know I did Whoosh LA LA LA LA
OOOO yea  So all of a sudden MOM came IN I quickly grabbed my blue squeeky ball so we can play and I did my doodle dance

Doodle Dance Doodle Dance Mom gets Happy when I do that Doodle Dance Doodle DAnce Doooooodle  Doooodle DANCE  Yea I wiggle my toosh and I wag MY TAIL< after a day of yesterday not waggin today  I AM GOING TO WAG THAT FLUFFY TAIL  Wag your tail  Wag your Tail  and Make some one happy

Whooosh Oooops what a day  so many bunny paw prints I see better keep a eye open  but first Ahhhhhhh  a little doodle nap is on my agenda


Willy Babe




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