Friday  Friday OH HO  OH HO  How I love this day   OH YEA   OH YEA

Plus do you know what those ducks , that come every year to my neighbors pool well they are back so  I guess SPRING IS actually here  OOOOO LA LA

Yesterday MOm was just having a hard time trying to figure out what to wear  AH MOM  I have my PEEPS waiting for me I kept tell her with my eyes but did she listen AH NO !
So today i made sure MOM was up and ready to go !

OOOO LA LA No to sure if I am going to like the weekend see MOM has somewhere to go tomorrow and so does DAD and ME  NO where grrrrrr but I am sure MOM will take me for a walk when she gets home  oh yea

No walk yesterday Mom was busy with school at night time  thats okay you know sometimes you just need to relax  ahhhhh

So this morning I got sort of yelled at by MOM I was ruffing in the backyard well ..

I was just trying to guide that duck who is now swimming in the pool that he needed to turn left not go right  and he did  Whoosh  I was just doing what every doodle does when they see that mallard fly by   come by  me    come byme  ! !

ooo I was a little naught too this morning I went upstairs when my humans weren’t looking snuck into the room and got some kleenex by my DAD’s side of the bed  oooops mom didn’t catch me but she saw my mess.     hmmmmmm I gotta find a way to clean up after myself  ahhhhhh  I will rest on this today


Have a great wonderful Doodleful Deligtful doodly day

Love Wilson





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