Ahhhhhh Wednesday

Can you imagine what it will be like when I  Mr. Wilson Doodle can go outside and romp and romp around in my backyard  and rub my back on the grass  ahhhhhh I can hardly wait for that day.

Yea I have a confession to make  the last few days I have been rubbing my back on the snow  heeee just not the same HUH  yea mom laughs at me she thinks its funny well  you know when you have a scratch you have to scratch as simple as that !!!

Guess what mom gave me a very quick walk yesterday and she actually only went two miles just like she said hmmmmmmm well it was windy but, her and my Dad had to go out to dinner so I got a quick walk well , <<   I was worried because last time like last week when the left the house I had to go away to my vacation spot oh Boy I was very doodley happy when they got back home !! I even got a little treat  and my buddy Daisy bird even sang a little tune.

Daisy was really really mad at us for going way last week, she hasn’t sung a song in days so I went up to her cage alot yesterday just to rub my nose to her and she  just flapped those wings  ha ha ha  I think she is better now.

So Wednesday  Wednesday  Wednesday two more days and its Saturday

Just wanted to let you all know that  in case you all forgot ! OOOO I just have the doodle giggles today !

Have a great wonderful chilly day

Love ya


well I know that grass has to return sooner or later  Mom says so

well I know that grass has to return sooner or later Mom says so


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