Ahhh Monday

Good Doodle Day everyone   The snow is going to melt  Going to MELT  Going to Melt the SNow is going to melt I am a very happy Doodle !

I got a huge smile out of mom this morning I gallopped up the stairs went into the room and greeted mom with my waggin fluffy tail and of course my wonderful doodle smile !! She smiled back and gave me a huge HUGE HUG !

Yea  do u know what  I really had mom laughing on Saturday  I just had to do what a doodle does  I went outside and ahhhhh I did my back rub, I thought if I rub hard enough in one spot well . . . .  the snow would melt !  !

All weekend long Mom and I took walks we played ahhhh I can tell spring is coming oh yea because today just feels like a melt the snow kinda day .

Oooo my little pal Maisy came over yesterday her human wanted to know if we wanted to walk , mom and I already did ,   Maisy came inside I did my doodle  wiggle for her ahhhh I miss that little girl, but do u know what???? She jumped up to my DAD and gave him kisses, oh sure any other doodle would just leave that alone, but . . . . I was nice  I just nudged a little thats all just a little !

Even though it was a short visit it sure was nice to have her come on over !

But do u know what??? something is up yea mom is getting stuff together hmmmmmmm I wonder  what is going on ???!?!??!?!

Tonight Mom Dad and I get to walk and finally its nice and the snow and ice has melted so we can walk in the street no sidewalks here. shuck a doodle its okay  I will be fine, I just can’t wait til mom gets home tonight so we can go an play and be outside ! !

Dooodle rompin stompin kind of day  Doodle Day Doodle Day oh how I love this Doodle day I love it so much  I had bettter take a nap !

Love ya

And Happy MONDAY      Wilson

Getting ready for the evening

Getting ready for the evening


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