Good bye February   GOOOD BYE  I really am not sad to see you go !!

Come one MARCH oh yea  March hmmmmm ST. Paddy’s day,  Green Cookies, oh yea  doodles Doodles March is tomorrow   March is TOMORROW  TOMORROW  TOMORROW  March is TOMORROW bring on those Leprechauns  hee heeeee

Oh yes those silly little guys that cause all kinds of mischeviouf,  NOT that I would get into any mis behavior of course !   But MY best Cousin is here and yesterday  oh oh oh oh

Can she gallopp through our backyard yea she goes out sides and gallopps just like a kangaroo ! ! ! Ok maybe not so much, but we have been having fun, and when Karen left the house yesterday well, lets just say that I was a good boy!  Oooo Mom and Karen did something together last night so we just doodlechilled out !

I have been having fun with my little cousin but last night my tummy was hurting just a little bit Have no Doodle Fear I am good today !

Doodles  Doodles what should we do today  We can playyyy or we can just tug and tug at the squeeky Ball Doodles  Doodles Me and Maisy woofed for you   but no answer you all must be hibernating  come on out  and PLAY  PLAY  PLAY  please come out and PLAY WE WANT TO WRESTLE with you too !

Did you know  that secretly I really like  my cousin !  Yea but don’t tell her okay

Have a great FRIDAY

Love ya Willy

Can you come and play?

Can you come and play?



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