Ruff Rufffff


Mom just told me that it is going to be very cold again  Please Mr. Vortex go AWAY ! !

We just don’t want you anymore ! ! !  Ruff Rufffff Ruff Ruf

So this morning when I went outside on my deck I just had to let it all out in the open Yep  YEP  YEP  RUFF WOOOOF WOOF WOOF there I said it to all my neighbor hood pups but no one answered back whinnnnn whimmmpppper  whinnnnn!

Where o Where is everyone ??? Oh Where oh Where can they be  I woof and Woof And woof and woof  but my buddies don’t answer me !! ! !  So my buddies please come outside so we can all Ruff Ruff Together  I know you want to just tell your humans that you have  to WoofWoof Woof !

Have a great Woofy kind of day    14 days til my  Mom and Dad will be home and I get to go with them yep   heee heee lol lol lol

Love ya


Woof Woooof thats all

Woof Woooof thats all


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