Ewwwwww Why Oh Why is it cold again !  Oh Why OH WHY is it cold, I thought it would be warm because MOM said it would be oh WHY OH WHY is it cold

Mom really promised me that it would start to warm up well Doodley heck we went for a great long walk yesterday too, sure it was windy but ahhhhh to be smelling again awesome DOODLEY AWESOME ! ! !

But  smelling snow is quite different then smelling trees in  the winter  not the same but heck that’s okay MOM and I were OUTSIDE !! Whoooppieeeeee

Saturday we went to the park but. . . .. it might be the last time for awhile unless we get some fresh snow  Oooops really doodles I didn’t mean to say that word  SNOW  , it was slippery and as I was running I almost slipped but  I am okay really I am a doodle I know how to run into that snow bank  !!

Anyway mom doesn’t want to take me when it is icy out at the park, ahgghghghhtggggg

It will be okay  really !

But this morning I woke and brrrrdoodles  it is cold out AGAIN   Seriously this cold can go away very VERY soon heck this is the last week in this month and then next month that little leperachun comes  I gotta get ready to look for that pot of gold ! !

Ahhhh it won’t be long ! ! !

Have a great MONDAY

Love ya


Where is that pot of gold???

Where is that pot of gold???


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