Friday ahhhhh

Whooosh  Whooooosh  Whooooosh

I thought my ears were going to flap so much this morning that I was going to take off ! !

Doodles in the AIR watch out  hee heeeee  Wouldn’t that be super doodle cool Me  Mr. Wilson  off in the air I go I can see all my pups and let them know have no FEAR SUPER DOODLE IS HERE !
Here I go flapping my ears in the great blue sky today   Off we go into the air  plop me down into everyone’s yard so I can PLAY TODAY ! ! !  and especially I would go over to my cousin Maisy’s house to play  I think she is snow bound and feeling like she needs to ruffle my ears .  HA HA HA

Today mom says she will come home and we can play in the back yard as long as its not icey  ooooo I am going to keep my paws crossed ruff Rufff

Okay so Dad was playing squeeky ball toss with me , but he had to do some work, so mom played with me  hmmmmmm Mom Dad plays rough with me so  I like playing with him so thats why I go over to him and drop my squeeky toy.  There  AHHHH   MOM was just trying to figure out why I go to Dad ,  with indoor play time, I had to tell her.

See Mom is just to gentle with playtime I need that rough and Doodle tumble stuff.

Thats okay  Its FRIDAY  Friday  FRIDAY lets all wag our happy tails  and shake our furry paws    TWO Paws up for FRIDAY

Love ya ‘





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