Woof Wooof Ruffffff

That is just how doodley I feel this morning ! ! ! ! !  HUMPHHHHHH! ! ! !

All Doodles  All buddies  of mine hang in there WE CAN DO IT  OH YES WE CAN

Just remember the doodle rompin stompin DANCE ! ! ! !   So let the MUSIC BEGIN  Hmmmmm  AHHHHHHH HUMMMMMMMM One  Two  a ONE TWO THREE

Put your two paws in and shake them all about Put your two paws in and SHAKE AND SHAKE and SHAKE  that is part of the doodle rompin stompin dance ! ! ! !

Now  Wag your Tail  Wag your Tail and make it go all around   All  Around, All Around, make it go all around NOW That is part of the Doodle Rompin Stompin DANCE

And Shake SHake SHAKE  come on I know you want to DANCE  So LET’s DANCE  LEt’s DANCE    ! ! !  ! The Doodle DANCE

Ahhhhh now I feel so much bettter got my dancin out of the way ! ! ! Sheeeezzz

Did you hear that it is going to be 70 out today the sun is going to shine, the birds will be singing and I get to lay out on my deck and just DREAM   DREAM  DREAM a little DREAM of the past winter days  now that they are all gone !!

Wilson   ! ! Wilson ! ! !   hmmmm What’?????? Ooooo i was dreaming doodley SHucks,  Hmmmmmm  Ahhhhhhh   Mom ! ! ! Did you really have to wake me up to say have a nice day !

Gheeezzzz just when I was looking for that bunny that has been invading my backyard ! !

What????!?!?!? Man what I dream I was having and now that I look out that window SNOW  Mounds as big as me   I just think I will go back to sleep !

Love ya ALll


come play with me Mr. Rocky Squirrel

come play with me Mr. Rocky Squirrel


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