Good Morning Good Morning

Hey Guess WHAT! ! ! !  !!  WE have almost a total of 53.7 inches of SNOW  OH DOODLES  OH DOODLES    OOOOOO ooooOOOO  I really am tired of the snow but I know how much MOM is enjoying all this SNOW  I just wanted to make her HAPPY and SMILE   ! ! !  !

Snow Piles  SNOW PILES oh HOW I just love all of those SNOW PILES  I can ROMP I can StOMP  all the way through them.,  expect then I would get all kinds of snow balls in my beautiful fur !  So  I just watch  my backyard just to make sure no KITTY KAT comes and makes prints in my yard before I GET TO IT !

Gallopping  Gallopping  GAlloping all the way  I love to run and run and run all the way through the SNOW  ! !  !

SAturday and Sunday  mom and I went to the Park  I was so excited to go on Saturday when I noticed we were close by I stood up in the car Hmmmmmmm  OH BOY guess what   MOM played HIDE and SEEK with me again and she had me running around so much in the woods that Saturday night I just plopped down, but  NOT before I got Dad to play with me too,

Well, you know I like to spread that doodleness all AROUND MY FAMILY !  Then ON Sunday Annie and Oakly were at the park and MOSBY  but He was not being a good GREAT DANE  if you know what I mean and he doesn’t even have a FURRY PAW  can you believe it ??!?!?

But MOM and I Annie and Oaklie and lots of Doodle fun ! ! ! !  but when mom played hide and seek with me  I was doodley wise to her I watched her hmmmmm she tried to outsmart me  the WONDER FUL  DOODLEY WILSON BUT<  ha ha ha

she didn’t!

Well, back to checking out to see if ROCKEY THE squirrel is okay  I haven’t seen him in a few days

So have a great doodle day and remember  The SNOW WILL MELT THEN WE CAN GET MUDDY  OH YA

Love Willy

just a little early

just a little early


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