Good Morning

The sun is UP  the sky is Blue  And so I declare the day to begin, but . . . I certainly did take my time going outside this morning  What was mom thinking????  She got me groomed on Saturday, oh sure I look very handsome if I do have to say so myself, but . . .. . Seriously MOM???? Could u of waited just a few more days ???

Brrrrrrrrrr it’s cold outside this morning so my dear buddies I was not able to Woof Wooof

Rufffff with you this morning ! So I do hope that you all got up on time ! I waited as long as I could to go outside too !

Rufffff Rufffff Ruffffff RUF ! There I got that out of my system!

Oooo Doodles  I almost thought mom was going to forget to take me to the park on Saturday yea she RELAXED  can you believe it She RELAXED on the couch in the afternoon well,  Couldnot have that now could we????? NAH NAH NAH So I had to do what doodles do  gave her the PAW  Yep I certainly did give her  the PAW  not once but TWICE< she smiled awe mom certainly likes to SMILE a lot, so we went to the park, and can  you believe it we almost had the park to ourselves then some other pups came none of my friends, its ok, oh but OH Doodles  I didn’t like one human at the park, mom talked with him and all and his pups were okay but  I am not sure  what it was but I didn’t want him to pet me,  I just stayed my distance away and kept on an eye on my MOM !

Sunday the sun was shinnning and MOM and I took a walk, we even asked Bell to come with , it was fun  not too cold just right, MOM says something about getting back into the walking mode again  WEll, I certainly HOPE so,   I don’t want my neighborhood pups to think I have abandoned them this winter  NO NO NO  can’t have that.

Have an awesome lMONDAY  PUPS and humans !

Love ya


Monday time to rest

Monday time to rest



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