Polar Vortex  Polar Vortex  GO AWAY  GO AWAY  GO AWAY

Polar Vortex GO AWAY  I Want to PLay! !   ! ! !

It’s FRIDAY and guess what????  Mom has worked all week sure I am a little disapointed most doodley sure because who was the most happiest   ??? This GUY  THis GUY !!

Yea but I know Mom would have to be in school longer than normal but . . .. gheezzzzz doodley whiz  MOM  I missed you this week, and our snuggles, maybe if I wish for a DOODLE GIGANTIC SNOW STORM MOM would be home for a few days again !! !Shhhhhh better not tell mom what I am thinking of !!!  !

See the snow  See the SNow oh boy oh boy  I don’t want to play in it anymore  anymore!

Oooo tomorrow I have to get groomed yea  MOM says I am in need of a  bath eeeekekeke

OH MY DOODLES guess what ??!?!?!??!  I was woofing at that tv but actually I was cheering on Harry the Doodle who is in a dog show  GO HARRY  ! ! !

OOOO okay back to me !  So i was thinking if mom is getting me groomed tomorrow I think and I hope you all agree that we should go out and get something very  very special, after all It’s a Doodle Valentines Day next FRIDAY!!  Oooo I bet mom doesn’t know that I will tell her !!  How????

OOOOO I Wilson the Wonder Doodle has ways ! !  ! Woooof Wooooof

OOOO pals have a great day ok????   It will get warm  It Will Get Warm! ! !


Love ya

Willy Babe

Yea  I am wishing for this stuff to be GONE

Yea I am wishing for this stuff to be GONE


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