Friday FRIDAY friday


Sure the branches on the trees  are Whooshing in the wind but ,  . . . . .  I am getting a visitor this weekend so my tail is being really REALLY Fluffy today ! ! !  !

Oaky and it’s cold out okay not just cold but  brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr and I must say that today is the first day this big GUY didn’t want to go out ! ! ! I am just saving my energy for my little buddy to come this weekend ! ! !  Yea  come on don’t be grumpy on this FLUFFY FRIDAY   SMILE  It is a DAY that we can feel that  BREEZE IN OUR FACE and get snow crystals in my beard ! ! OH  DOODLKES ! ! !

Mom you are just funny she thinks that I want to be outside  just because I go to the deck door doesn’t really mean I want to be out in that COllddddddddddddddddbrrrrrrrrrrrr

NOPE I am just checking on that silly bunny that I think is hiding awwww Mom can I keep him he is looking cold hiding under the deck ????? PLEASE???!?!?!?!?

This day is an another good day to sit and watch the DOG CHANNEL  Yea  I am going to try to audition I will show my bestest side yea  MY TAIL heeeee  Heeeee Just Kidding !

Ooooo Doodle STomp  Doodle Stomp lets shake our tails and Paws  Doodle Stomp Doodle Stome gotta get in shape for SPRING !! Yea It’s just around the corner  I thnink heee heee I hope ?

Yesterday dad put on that collar on me  I was woofing way too much sheeeezzzzz Mom doesn’t do that she just calls me in   OH BOY ! ! ! !

Let’s put a SMILE ON our face and a wag in our tail and make our humans HAPPY TODAY OK GUYS    They are starting to feel the cold we gotta wARM them up with our furry tails and warm fur  PUPS I am asking you to warm up our HUMANS    Come ON COME ONE< they are fading fast ! ! ! ! ! ! !

They want spring but I want more snow    just kidding

Have a great FRIDAY

Love WIlly

Gotta Cheer up those HUMANS

Gotta Cheer up those HUMANS


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